Where to marry?



It's not an easy decision.
There are so many incredibly beautiful places.

The Alpilles

with their white sandstone cliffs
on which the light reflects,
a light that has inspired painters like Vincent van Gogh
and poets like Alphonse Daudet.
Olive groves and vineyards.
Small towns like St. Rémy
with a serene atmosphere
or Les Baux,

the center of the song of the courly lovesong in the Middle Ages



The Mediterranean coast
with the warm sand and the sparkle of the sun
on the waves.
With the fascinating Marseille,
legendary places like Nice
and colorful little fishing villages.
An area full of inspiration,
that has attracted many artists over the decades,
where luxury and the simple life
combine in the best way

  The Luberon
is probably known to everyone through

the novels of Peter Mayle.
He has triggered a tourist boom without equal.
Charming castles, famous wineries,

small towns with a lot of history and charisma.
Lavender fields,

over which a delicate

fragrance floats during the bloom.
Fields full of sunflowers and lush greenery everywhere.



The Gard,
not quite so well known, but beautiful.
Cities like Nimes, lively and full of charm.
The wonderfully green Cevennes.
Everywhere the traces of the Romans,
just think of the Pont du Gard
In Uzès, the old ducal residence.
The myth of the Camargue, with its bulls and wild horses.


What will you choose?


La vie est belle

au soleil!