The free wedding

 A free wedding ceremony - something very special.



Soon the time will come.
One of the most beautiful and romantic days
of your life is approaching.

And you have thought about a free wedding ceremony.

You know,
It gives you an infinite number of possibilities
for the design of your wedding.
You decide where you want to get married,
the schedule, the music, the musicians.



We make sure things run smoothly.

Look forward to a relaxed wedding ceremony
in a wonderfully cheerful and relaxed ambience.


Renewal of the wedding vows


  Have you ever thought about
what it would be like
to renew your wedding vows after all these years of marriage.

You've been through thick and thin,
experienced ups and downs.
Now the children are out of the house,
You see each other more as a couple
and no longer as parents.

Wouldn't this be a nice occasion
to once again
in a free wedding ceremony

to give the word of consent?



La vie est belle

au soleil!